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a-ULaB is a laboratory specialized in the identification of asbestos fibres presents in bulk samples and air samples.


Established in 2011, this spin-off of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and of the Erasmus Hospital is the result of the medical profession and the sector of construction. It benefits from the support of SCA Theodorus, investment organisation of the ULB. Its goal is to ease the transfer of innovations and know-how from the university search to the companies.


The direction and the operational management of the company are handled by an experienced team:

  • M. Philippe-Antoine Remy: co-founder and managing director of a-ULaB: with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of asbestos surveys (CEO of Pegase Environnement)

  • M. Didier Georges (Theodorus SCA): director of a-ULaB

  • Dr. Sc. Pascal Dumortier: co-founder and scientific director of a-ULaB; renown expert for more than 30 years in the determination of the presence of asbestos fibres in lung samples (Mineralogy Laboratory – Pulmonology Service of Erasmus Hospital)

  • Dr. Sc. Bernard Hermans: technical director of a-ULaB: with more than 20 years of expertise in the analysis of fibres in the air and in materials.

  • Prof. Paul De Vuyst: Head of the Department of Pneumology at Erasme Hospital from 1996 to 2018; author of +/- 100 articles international scientific journals (occupational and interstitial lung diseases); Member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS); Member of the Technical Council of the “Fonds des Maladies Professionnelles” since 13.4.1994; Member of the Board of Accreditation in Pneumology. Vice-Chairman of the Approval Committee (2010). President (2013)

  • Dr. Didier Piquard: Lecturer at ULB Faculty of Medicine at DMG (Department of General Medicine); Master of Internships in General Medicine Order of Physicians: Council of Brussels and Walloon Brabant, Advisor from 2012 to 2018. Pedagogical functions focused on, among other things, civilization diseases including pathologies related to the indoor environment (domestic pollution)


It provides services to consultants who are experts in the asbestos field, to institutions, to private companies, to internal safety officers, to licenced asbestos removal contractors and to individuals.

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